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K.K. was born and raised in Champaign and always had a special interest in art.  Particularly in creating photo-realistic images in graphite and pen.  After seeing some early works of Mr. Cartoon, BOOG and a few other "chicano style black and grey" artist in the early 2000's, he began to take an interest in the art of tattooing.  It was in 2005, after helping a good friend research and applicate his first tattoo, that he gained the confidence that he could learn and execute a tattoo himself.  Around 2007-8, he began noticing some bad portraits being done by some professional tattoo artists in the Champaign Urbana area and decided to take the steps necessary to obtain an apprenticeship.  After communicating with the likes of Stump, Nick Wiggins and Ray Hughes, he began to notice how shitty of an attitude everyone had towards sharing the craft. He was given the best oppurtunity to apprentice under Jason Pratt at 18 Story Tattoo and couldnt pass up the offer.  It wasnt long after that he began practicing and honing his new found talent. It was then that the trade began to be more forgiving with its tightly held secrets.  It wasn't anything strange to see him drop in all the tattoo shops in Champaign Urbana.  He credits his tutelage to Jason Pratt and Rickie Lee Hoover, who always taught the importance of keeping everyones health the main priority.  Not only did they pass on the fundamentals of tattooing, but they also taught him that a tattoo is more then just a tattoo.  It's a life experience, shared with the client that they will never forget.  He also credits (in no order of priority)  Matt Stines, Eric Cain, Stump, Nick Wiggins, Tilt, Big Meas, 9 milly & few others that may of been failed  to be mentioned.  These tattoo artists have all contributed to the development of his craft in their own respective right.  Without the hours upon hours that these artists have allowed K.K. to observe And without any of these individuals he would be less of a tattoo artist.  In 2011, Jason Pratt decided to sell 18 story tattoo.  K.K. made a move no one imagined and opened Paign City Tattoo.  In doing so, he made it his mission to provide the highest quality tattoo at an affordable price.  At Paign City Tattoo, a tattoo is not just a tattoo.

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