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$13- Friday the 13th Tattoos are back by popular demand!!!

This Friday, April 13th, NOON TIL???? Paign City Tattoo is throwing another Friday the 13th event.  As  a lot of you know I am the only tattoo artist at PCT.  So, as always, if your not able to get a walk in,  you can set an appointment for any date before May 1st that is available.  These slots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  As of RIGHT NOW I am accepting appointments for Friday the 13th tattoos from Friday on.  I plan on being here until 10 pm tonight (Thursday, April 12th)...All appointments must be made before the end of the business day Friday. No deposit, no appointment, no exceptions! Cash only unless we arrange paypal... This being the last month I plan on tattooing full time in Champaign, can we make this last few weeks as fun as possible? Please leave all negativity at the door!   BRING A FRIEND TO GET TATTED BY YOUR FAVORITE TATTOO ARTIST! Details are as follows...

Maximum of 3 tattoo designs per client!

All Pre-made Black and Grey Tattoo Designs  $13- plus a mandatory $7-tip ($20-Total)

        -Add color to your tattoo for $10-

***Pick Your Own Black and Grey Tattoo Design (lettering tattoos incl) $23- plus a mandatory $7-tip ($30-Total)

        -Add color to your PYO tattoo $10-

***Pick Your Own Design must be close to fitting in a 2"x2" or a 1"x4" box.

 -all PYO tattoos must be pre-approved.

 -no intricate tattoos will be accepted.

 -Paign City Tattoo reserves the right to refuse any client anytime for any reason.


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