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I first off would like to thank everyone who has had patience during this unprecedented time period. (***To all the impatient people who have been blowing up my shop phone please fast forward to the bottom of the page.***) Do to concerns that im quite sure everyone knows, I decided to freeze all operations until I could evaluate day to day operations and adjust things accordingly moving forward. With direct consultation with the C-U Public Health Department this a.m., we have come up with a safety plan so we can continue to serve you in the safest way possible. Shop rules are as follows and effective immediately:

  1. All tattoos are APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  1. Tattoos will be done on a 1 on 1 basis. No visitors will be allowed with tattoo clients during any procedure. Minors who are being pierced may be accompanied only by consenting parents with all documentation.

  1. IF YOU ARE EXHIBITING ANY SYMPTOMS, PLEASE STAY HOME AND RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENTS! If you are showing any signs of any symptoms you will politely be asked to leave.

  1. All clients are asked to practice social distancing of a minimum of 6ft (if you dont see me with my mask on respect my personal space!)

To make a long story short Paign City Tattoo is closed to the general public. You may visit us at and fill out a contact form to arrange to schedule an appt to be serviced.

***To the people who have been blowing up my phone back to back concerning missed appointments, please be a lil more patient I will be refunding your deposits. no reschedule necessary.

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